e enjte, 24 maj 2007

Vandalism and what to do?

What can you do against vandalism? That’s a big question that goes around on big schools. There is much vandalism on schools or around them. There are big issues and smaller ones. Some of the small are destroying stuff of your friends and students. Bigger ones, are people who throw stones trough windows and go into the school and make all the things dirty and things like that. The small things aren’t big enough for police but the big ones are police cases.

A few things you can do against vandalism is installing some movement sensors, which can detect movements at windows and doors so when some vandals are destroying windows and come in the school you hear an alarm and the police is warned because they have a special detector that can see when the alarm is going of somewhere and then they can arrest the vandals and your problem is solved. Also you can place a normal alarm system that doesn’t cost as much as the movement sensors but less effective.

What for suggestions do you have for protection against Vandals?

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Nice topic

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